Illustrated Sermons

We say Illustrated Sermons because we ain’t “playing”!


Illustrated Sermons are the core of Kingdom Over Castles and serves as a way to present the gospel in an artistic way. This theatrical format of ministry includes live music, dance, light and set design to bring scripture and biblical lessons to life.

From Asystole, Deception, The God of Miracles, I’ll Be Healed for Christmas and more, K.O.C. has committed to tearing down the walls of separation through the arts and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are new to acting or no stranger to the stage, we welcome you to participate in any of our Illustrated Sermons. From the cast to crew members behind the scenes, it takes a whole team to bring the message to life in excellence.

It is our prayer that every attendee leaves each and every Illustrated Sermon better than they came. From our live worship experience to our soul-gripping messages, we believe that there is nothing that God can’t fix when a community of believers unite with hearts of expectation. Don’t come looking for a traditional show, come with a heart of anticipation to hear from God.

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