Rest your soul chile..

In a world where securing the bag, grinding it out and hustling to meet goals has become the norm, or at least the current trend, let’s not forget the most important factor to success which is rest.

Last week I met with two of my best friends for a day of fun and laughter. We made all of these elaborate plans to run around downtown, eat, shop, go to the movies, etc. To our surprise, our plans got interrupted for a bigger and better one. What was supposed to be a day of running around turned into two days of watching movies, sermons, seeing the sunset and having a great conversation while relaxing on the couch. It was amazing, and something that I think we all need from time to time.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with my purpose and can find myself so busy writing, creating content and networking, that I rarely take time to just chill. I had a conversation with a great friend and business owner the other day, and we were discussing the importance of rest and how beneficial it is. I was telling him how easy it is to fall into the “grind mode” mentality, where we forsake our friends, family and even ourselves to chase a dream or achieve a goal. There have even been moments where I didn’t even spend any quiet time with God because I was so busy with the vision, He gave me (terrible I know). As I was speaking to my friend about it, it reminded me of Romans 12:2.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know Gods will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Romans 12:2 (NLT)

You see if we are not careful, we will allow the work ethic of the world to keep us from receiving instructions from God. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with working hard and putting the time in on a vision, but when it becomes unhealthy and you find yourself not getting rest, that’s a big problem. Rest allows us an opportunity to celebrate recent victories, regroup and most importantly, receive our next instructions from God. Sometimes we don’t see success in a certain area in our lives because we are so busy working off of old plans, that we never seek God for His revisions. When operating in ministry or running a business that you KNOW God gave you, you don’t have to reach for anything, all you have to do is stay in alignment and He will direct your path and bring what you need to you. The world teaches us to reach and constantly grind, but with God that doesn’t work too well.

I remember asking myself the hard questions;

  • “Why are you working this hard?”
  • “Are you working from a place of doubt and uncertainty that God will do what he said?”

Contrary to popular belief, depriving yourself of sleep won’t make God bring you into your season of “arrival” anytime sooner. Unlike the way of the world, God will give us a vision that is so much bigger than us, that all you can do is wait for Him. All we have to do is stay obedient, and if we do that, then HE is responsible for the outcome. If God said it will be, IT WILL BE, no matter what! To the person reading this, I believe that what God has for you is so big that your ability to grind, your connections, work ethic, education, experience or expertise won’t qualify you for, or advance you to the next level. The thing that’s going to propel you to the next phase of your business, ministry, or even relationship is rest. Not the kind of rest where you take a break from one task and pick up another (You’re not slick, I’ve tried that too). Actually, stop and seek God. Ask God, “Who am I now Lord?” “What will YOU have me do next?” And take the time to WAIT on HIS answer.

You’d be surprised at how much better you operate after resting. After those two rest days with my friends, I was telling them how refreshed I felt. The clarity and reassurance that rest and time with God gives, is better than any motivational speech or pep-talk that the world can offer. Take time to rest today, you deserve it.

What should have killed him has become the very reason why he lives. Hospitalized off and on for the first two years of his life, coupled with bouts of depression and mountains of self- doubt, Andre Harrell, II not only chose to overcome life’s stumbling blocks—he used them as steppingstones to his great success. Affectionately known by many as L.A., his passion for arts and entertainment, communications, and writing landed him roles in various stage productions, as well as opportunities to minister through music at various houses of worship. As a recipient of the Louis Armstrong District Award for Okaloosa County, and founder of Kingdom Over Castles, he’s clear on his mission and purpose—to inspire and encourage others to live their best lives now and impact the world at large.

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  1. Allison
    May 14, 2019

    Between you and Courtney I swear yall are calling me out almost every time or speaking confirmation over this season. Just to add on to what you are saying personally I have seen the more I pray the more he gives me that rest. I am constantly thinking and with a 3 year old I have to stay on top of everything plus try to still grow spiritually and that has many faces to it. It never reveals itself till afterwards tho for me because for example, this weekend we had so many plans and then my daughter ended up having a sickle cell episode which literally put everything not on hold but Asystole lol. We spent Saturday thru Monday in the hospital and I was trying to keep busy because it was mothers day and the 1 year anniversary of my mother passing away so I wanted to be busy but God said be still and it ended up being very relaxing and I was able to focus on my daughter. I also had planned on eating out so that helped my pockets out because I lost my appetite and my daughter wouldnt let me leave her side even to go to the bathroom she said mommy I want you next to me so in a different way I got the rest I needed and now I’m ready to tackle whatever is up for me the rest of this month. This was a very good read as usual. Thank you.


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