A Finishing Grace

We’ve all received a word from God about something we were to do, and by faith, ran after it full speed, only to get halfway down this spiritual track, and realize that the assignment given to us would take more than few claps, likes on Facebook, and supportive “Amens” from the back of the congregation. At the start of a new beginning, there’s always a rush of excitement, a plethora of ideas that flow, and a since of passion and purpose, but what do you do when all of that fades?

I remember in middle school, I joined Safety Patrol, and we were responsible for helping our peers get out of the cars in the morning and making sure that traffic flowed smoothly in our parking lot. When I first joined the team, it was fun, we had new badges, a cool pledge, and more importantly, it was September, which meant that the weather was not as bad. Growing up in Detroit, everyone knew that the nice weather was only meant to last all of five minutes, before hail broke loose with the snow, so some of my friends that I so eagerly joined the team with, had all resigned by November, and went on to some other indoor activity that the school had to offer. Being the professional that I was, I went into my parents’ room walking boldly in the authority and anointing that God gave me, to present my pitch presentation as to why I felt that God was doing a new thing in my life and leading me to join the indoor book club instead.

Shockingly, my parents didn’t like the presentation, and basically told me to stick it out. I remember standing there questioning if I had heard right, and sure enough, I did, because on Monday morning, there I was with my hat, gloves, and a stop sign in my hand. What was once exciting, had become tough because the weather was cold, most of my friends were gone, and the work had doubled.

When it comes to the things that God has given us to do, there are bound to be moments where things get a little harder. Times will come when the support and friends you once walked with will go inside in search of something more comfortable, but we have to stay and stick it out. Truth be told, there are a lot of great reasons to quit and fold, there are some odds that seem to be too cold to face, but we have to make up in our minds that we are going to stick things out no matter how tough it gets.

The sixth grader me never thought that I would say this, but I’m so glad that my parents made me stick that out. The older I get, I see so many go from thing to thing, and they never stick to something long enough to have a true impact, they don’t finish what they felt so called to do just a few months ago. When we find purpose in the thing that we’re doing, we won’t be so quick to dispose of it.

Whenever I’m tempted to quit, I have to check myself and see if this is me talking to myself, or if it’s really God moving me on to something else. God does everything in order, which means He’ll leave no work undone. I truly believe that if God called me into it, He’ll call me out of it in His time. We have so many things left undone in the kingdom because we have yet to fully tap into a finishing grace.

I’m not denying that operating in ministry or something that God has called us to, can be hard at times. If we’re honest, most assignments from Him are something that we didn’t want to do anyway, so praying for a finishing grace to complete the race is indeed necessary.

A finishing grace will get you through the rehearsals, meetings, the small groups you committed to doing, even when it gets tough. A finishing grace will keep you encouraged to push pass low attendance in your ministry, or the seemingly stagnant relationship you begged God for. A finishing grace will have you ministering to someone who’s sick, when you’re loved one is sick on their death bed. A finishing grace is something we all should pray and ask God for, so that we may finish the race with the same amount of passion and excitement that we began with.

What should have killed him has become the very reason why he lives. Hospitalized off and on for the first two years of his life, coupled with bouts of depression and mountains of self- doubt, Andre Harrell, II not only chose to overcome life’s stumbling blocks—he used them as steppingstones to his great success. Affectionately known by many as L.A., his passion for arts and entertainment, communications, and writing landed him roles in various stage productions, as well as opportunities to minister through music at various houses of worship. As a recipient of the Louis Armstrong District Award for Okaloosa County, and founder of Kingdom Over Castles, he’s clear on his mission and purpose—to inspire and encourage others to live their best lives now and impact the world at large.

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